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C L I E N T 


"Jillian helped to update our previous home and we were excited to work with her after purchasing a new house. Our first task was to send her images of furnishings, fixtures, art, colors, and design that appealed to us. We spent a lot of time discussing our needs and the function of each space. She then created the separate spaces giving options in design and budget while maintaining a beautiful, cohesive look throughout the house. Jillian's gift of space planning with perfect scale is impressive. It was a large project and when problems arose Jillian handled them promptly and professionally with results that exceeded our expectations. 

Working with Jillian is a collaboration where her talent, creativity, and innovation brought our vision to a higher level then we could have imagined. Added bonus: she is a delight to work with!"

 The Colemans

"My husband and I have worked with Jillian for over 5 years now and she’s AMAZING! After buying our first house, my husband and I wanted to hire an interior designer to help with the unique layout in our house, but we were nervous that hiring an interior designer would be “expensive” .  Jillian came highly recommended by some of our friends, so we decided to give her a shot. Long story short,  we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only is Jillian talented in interior design, but she also has ability to fit each client’s unique needs with their budget and taste. 


Fast forward 5 years,  Jillian was the ONLY person my husband and I considered to help us with our residential renovation. This time Jillian not only helped us with furniture and interior design, but she helped us with kitchen layout, measurements, picking paint, fixtures and finishes. She was always on site making sure the contractors were executing our plans properly, and she often went shopping with me to help me pick out the perfect stone and tile for our kitchen and bathrooms. Never in a million years did we anticipate how overwhelming and stressful it would be to put this entire project together, but Jillian laid it out simply for us. If it wasn’t for her, the project would have been a complete disaster!

One of the best qualities about Jillian is she truly listens to her clients. My husband and I both have a specific taste, and we needed someone like Jillian to bring our vision to life. She has a unique ability to understand a client’s needs and deliver options that always exceeds expectations. Our relationship with Jillian has evolved so much over the years and we truly feel she understands our exact aesthetic. We no longer make decisions without the Jillian stamp of approval! Jillian demands perfection and I’m glad to have her!"


 The Mcknights

 “As a general contractor, I have worked with many designers over the years, but for our personal home; Anne & I chose Jillian Freiberg.  She helped us select both exterior and interior finishes including roof, mortar wash for brick veneer, paint, countertops, flooring, as well as plumbing and lighting fixtures.  She also provided architectural sketches for interior spaces, cabinet shop drawing review, closet design, custom shades and drapery, area rugs, and furniture placement. 


Jillian represents a unique value in the Baton Rouge marketplace for those seeking professional design services.  She is talented, decisive, and responsive; yet capable of collaborating with Contractors, Architects, and Owners as part of an overall design team.”


 The Patins

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jillian for three years now. I can truly speak to her talents, dedication, and attention to detail. Jillian combines her exceptional artistic vision with an in-depth knowledge base and intensive education to make an outstanding designer.


Beginning with the first consultation the process went smoothly.  I explained some of my general preferences which she was more than open to hear.  She toured my home, took measurements, and snapped some photos.  After a brief period of time she had formulated groups of ideas for each room.  We then met again to consider her concepts.  Her choices fit me and my personality well.  They were unique and well thought out, with each piece serving a purpose, both functional and expressive.   The amount of time Jillian spent on her work was very apparent with an impressive mix of textures, colors, and materials.  I also appreciated her ability for narrowing options into one to three choices such that it wasn’t overwhelming, which I commonly felt when I shopped for furniture myself.  As Jillian got to know me better working together came all the easier.   Her work has made my house into a home.  I have received many compliments thanks to her talents.   She has helped me many times since that first consultation and I’ve been extremely happy with all of her handiwork.  


Jillian is a brilliant, gifted designer.  I give her my absolute highest recommendation."


Dr. Karl Nettles

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